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Oreoz | 3.5 Grams | Indica | Hemp Flower Power| Get Elevated

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Product Details

THCA federal legal flower.

The Oreoz Strain THCA Hemp is a premium hemp variety renowned for its unique characteristics and potent effects. Cultivated with meticulous care, this strain stands out in the hemp market for its exceptional quality and purity. Here's a detailed description of the Oreoz Strain THCA Hemp:

Genetic Profile: Oreoz Strain is a carefully bred hemp variety that inherits its robust genetic lineage from well-known parent strains. This heritage contributes to its distinctive attributes, including its robust plant structure, resilience, and rich cannabinoid profile.

Appearance: The buds of the Oreoz Strain are a visual delight, showcasing a vibrant mix of deep green hues, intertwined with streaks of purple. Trichomes generously coat the buds, giving them a frosty appearance and indicating a high cannabinoid content. The dense, well-formed buds are both aesthetically pleasing and a testament to the strain's quality.

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